Charmaine Fong
OVO Arena, Wembley
8:00pm Mon 30 October 2023

Event Information

Charmaine Fong, one of the top Hong Kong singer-songwriters, always tells stories through her songsand has the ability to heal the souls of her audience. In this ever-changing era, sheaccompanies her listeners through the lows with her works, soothing weary hearts with her music.

In recent years, as an independent singer-songwriter, Charmaine has taken her musical journey to new heights by establishing her own record label, Strawberry Fields. This venture allows her to explore and express her unique artistic style, infusing her songs with personal energy, thoughts, and values. Charmaine aims to inspire and uplift others. She prioritizes quality over quantity, staying true to her authentic self. Passionate about singing and songwriting, she fearlessly breaks boundaries and cherishes artistic freedom.
In the first half of 2023, Charmaine successfullycompleted 2 nights of outstanding concerts in Hong Kong.